Monday, September 24, 2012

Kindergarten weeks 2-3

Weeks two and three got combined because we were still battling sickness, this time poor Shelby Lynn got strep! But we were still able to accomplish a lot.
So I figured out how I wanted to keep track of our plans and started typing them out instead of trying to fill in the squares in those lesson plan books and it worked much better. I also dropped some curriculum we were using and added Little City Kids curriculum which is free to our plans. So far we are enjoying it, especially since it started with the dinosaurs, which are Shelby Lynn’s favorite!! I think I will do my blog posts in two separate ones for each one. One on our Little City Kids curriculum and one for Five in a Row. Here are some activities we enjoyed:
(Making clay dinosaurs using one of our toy ones as a model)
(Making a dinosaur terrarium to replicate a rain forest)
(Dino Sensory Bin)             (Moving like a dino)         (Dino Sandwiches)
Painting a Dinosaur was also fun:
We also made dinosaur fossils while listening to what the earth might have sounded like when there were dinosaurs:
And what didn’t work this week:
our jello layers to represent the earth’s layers. My jello would not set up!!! I have no clue what I did wrong, but here she is getting ready to make it, lol.
We really like our Little City Kids curriculum and it is FREE! Of course this is in addition to our Saxon phonics and Alpha and Omega Math, which I don't take pictures of.

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