Monday, January 31, 2011

Where we have preschool

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Here is where we do most of our work:

Some close up shots.
Our Felt Board:

Our Reading Chair:

Her Desk and Bullentin Board:

My supply closet from Ikea:

And the tower with the drawers behind my daughter is where we keep her weekly work:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Little bit of C

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Lil Bit is 3.5 years old

Tot School



So this week for totschool we were going to study the Letter C and learn about Noah’s ark. Well mommy was bitten by the stomach bug and we didn’t get as much done as I had hoped so we will continue next week. Here is what we were able to do!

We read the story of Noah’s ark from the toddlers Bible story book:


We also played “C”atch with daddy, this is her favorite activity to do with Daddy!



At first she was having a hard time actually catching the toy but we kept trying….



I did it!, she said.


The she decided to show daddy how to exercise:



This next picture cracks me up, she is being strong, she said! Check out the face!


Push ups:


Then she decided it would be good to exercise in Daddy’s “C”owboy boots since it was the letter C week!

IMG_5309 - Copy

Jumping Jacks:

IMG_5311 - Copy

Then she made daddy put on his boots and do the exercises…Mommy thought this was the BEST part!

IMG_5315 - Copy

IMG_5317 - Copy

Nice Form on the Bridge, Daddy!

IMG_5318 - Copy

Then after we got dressed we had some “C”lass time!


Our Do-a-Dot of our Letter of the Week curriculum:


Here is a tip, if you want to be thrifty and reuse worksheets this is what I do. I tear the sheet out of the book and put it in a page protector. Then instead of using the dry erase makers, we use these special crayons:


Here she is practice tracing the letter C from our curriculum:

It was the first time she was able to trace both letters all by herself!


The “c”rayons also come with the cool eraser mitt!


The other worksheets she did came from her Sesame Street workbook that I found at the $1 section at Target:


She was able to do both sheets all on her own! Can you tell mommy is proud!

Well I had a bunch of activities planned about Noah’s Ark, hopefully this coming week we can accomplish those, I still have this yucky bug though.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little school

Well here we go again! I had been doing my totschool/preschool posts on my other blog, A scrap in time. I have decided to move them over to this blog. 

So this week we finished with the letter B and didn’t do much else, because ‘little bit’ started getting sick but here is what we did do!

Dressed up as a bee:


Her ears as she was calling them:


Practiced being a bee and sang “it is good to be a bee” from Mickey Mouse clubhouse cd:


Our exercise for the day, Balance on one foot:


We also did butterfly sort from Letter of the Week Curriculum:


See I did it!


And practice writing the letter B from the same curriculum:


This was the first time she tried to actually follow the dots and not just scribble!


Also looked at some real bugs/insects:


Made a Butterfly Model from Chick-fil-a:



Science Experiment:

Watched bugs “grow”:


These came from the dollar section at Target. She played with them all week.

Her other favorite activity from the week was the Felt Bug book that I picked up at a consignment sale, it works on beginning addition. She didn’t really get that part but had a great time with it anyway!



The other activity I had out this week and one I do every week,is a basket full of Flash cards with just  the letter we are studying. I have picked up 6-7 sets from different dollar spots and this gives her a variety of ways to study the letter. I had a lot more planned for this week but we didn’t get to it.  I also created a winter sensory table using her water table from outdoors, but didn’t get any pictures of it. Will have to add some next week!

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