Monday, September 24, 2012

Kindergarten week 1

Make Way for Bronchitis Ducklings! So this post is a little past due, because once again I have bronchitis. I finally figured out what is causing it though. We have grass! In Virginia all we had was a patio, so there was not any ragweed or mold spores. And while I love our backyard, I will make sure on lawn mowing days to leave the house from now on...good excuse to go shopping, right?
So for the first week of homeschool we rowed Make Way for Ducklings. We also did our Saxon phonics and math lessons. I think I learned the most this first week. What did mommy learn? Well, I learned to chill out and go where our lessons take us. While it is good to be organized and have a plan, it is also good to explore and let her take some control of the learning. So I have changed some of our curriculum and have found in the second and third weeks of school that we have been actually more productive!!! Well back to Make Way for Ducklings,
We start off our mornings with Calendar time. I tried doing a notebook like I had seen some families do and while they looked great for others it just wasn't working for us but here we are trying it:
We also worked on following directions:
Practiced our cutting skills while cutting out our words that start with L (this is something I am not sure we will continue, we didn’t really use them.
We are using Saxon Phonics. Here is our first attempts at writing L:

For Literature we are using Five in a Row curriculum:
This week we rowed Make Way for Ducklings.
Using the bean bag as a nest while listening to the story:
Later in the week she used the bean bag as a nest for her stuffed animals and played mother duck:
Our vocabulary words from the story (I didn’t continue this for the next story but I think I will try it again for this week’s row). I called out the word and she had to find it. She also gave me the definition of the word. When I was making up the cards I was really surprised that she knew the definitions!:
We went on a walk to see what we could find that had the /l/ sound in it:
We also started our Nature Study group this week:
After exploring a neighborhood pond, we went back and had our bird snack and attempted to make bird calls. We also enjoyed listening to a story about Jenny Wren.
It was a good start to Kindergarten and I was able to figure out how I want to do things, so I think we were pretty successful!

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