Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little school

Well here we go again! I had been doing my totschool/preschool posts on my other blog, A scrap in time. I have decided to move them over to this blog. 

So this week we finished with the letter B and didn’t do much else, because ‘little bit’ started getting sick but here is what we did do!

Dressed up as a bee:


Her ears as she was calling them:


Practiced being a bee and sang “it is good to be a bee” from Mickey Mouse clubhouse cd:


Our exercise for the day, Balance on one foot:


We also did butterfly sort from Letter of the Week Curriculum:


See I did it!


And practice writing the letter B from the same curriculum:


This was the first time she tried to actually follow the dots and not just scribble!


Also looked at some real bugs/insects:


Made a Butterfly Model from Chick-fil-a:



Science Experiment:

Watched bugs “grow”:


These came from the dollar section at Target. She played with them all week.

Her other favorite activity from the week was the Felt Bug book that I picked up at a consignment sale, it works on beginning addition. She didn’t really get that part but had a great time with it anyway!



The other activity I had out this week and one I do every week,is a basket full of Flash cards with just  the letter we are studying. I have picked up 6-7 sets from different dollar spots and this gives her a variety of ways to study the letter. I had a lot more planned for this week but we didn’t get to it.  I also created a winter sensory table using her water table from outdoors, but didn’t get any pictures of it. Will have to add some next week!

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  1. I love her outfit. I didn't think about dressing up for the theme. Your new follower.